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Chris Cannon is an American writer living in Canada. He has written for outlets such as Rolling Stone, Mens Journal, and MTV, and is the author of four books on music and travel. He has also edited more than a dozen books on music and popular culture.


A former Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, Chris served two years at the White House and three years as an intelligence analyst and counterterrorism specialist, graduating top of his class from Terrorism Counteraction school and later authoring the Marine Corps’ first domestic counterterrorism course.


At Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Virginia, Chris' graduate work focused on trope theory, cultural criticism, and American subcultures. He is also a world-class ultimate-frisbee player, competing in five national championships and two world championships.


Chris lives in Vancouver with his wife and son, his cat Chairman Meow, and a domesticated seagull Charles de Gull. He teaches courses and seminars on cultural criticism, satire, and magazine journalism, and is an active writer and actor in Vancouver’s filmmaking community.

Brian Calvert is a Canadian actor and producer living in Canada. He has written, performed, produced and/or directed more than 100 pieces of content for TV and online. He has appeared in more than 20 commercials and several TV series. Brian is the face of the Canada Party and co-authored the book, "The Canada Party Manifesto: America, but Better." 


A former molecular biologist, Brian held positions with both a pharmaceutical start-up and a global health sciences behemoth.


At the University of Saskatchewan, Brian's graduate research focused on the identification and characterization of a putative rat metastasis suppressor gene. His efforts laid the groundwork for subsequent researchers, and collectively their work has been published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Biology. 


Brian lives in Vancouver with his wife and daughter. He is also the principal and producer at biofilm MEDIA. When he is not playing ultimate frisbee or collecting smoked meats, he enjoys throwing balls at stuff.

Important Canada Party contributors: Mark A Woodman (, Brendon Morfitt, Colin Shandler, Ian Gustafson, Oleg Solo,,


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